The Benefits of Aluminum Complex Grease:

  • Outstanding water resistance

  • Unique advantages especially suited to elevated temperatures

    • High dropping point
    • Ability to restructure after excursions that are above soap’s melting point
  • Good pumpability in centralized lubrication systems

  • Economical formulations

    • Low soap content compared to other complex greases
  • Excellent surface adhesion

  • Meets H1, Kosher and Halal requirements

  • Long service life

ACG use collage
Kolate Reactive Aluminum Source for Grease

Premier Aluminum Complex Thickener System

Designed for the Most Rigorous Application Requirements

Unique Properties:

  • Liquid form is easy to handle and pump
  • Carrier oil becomes part of the total base oil requirement
  • Aluminum content of Kolate 7013 LV is 12.7%
  • No alcohol released in the production process using Kolate 6030
  • Technical staff that are experts in the formulation and manufacture of aluminum complex grease
  • Exceptionally easy to manufacture


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